Caitlin Marino - Born Medium and Healer

"I’ve always been a medium, I was born with it. I had my earliest experiences with people who had already passed away when I was quite young and it seemed quite normal for me at the time. When I was 5 or 6 years old, someone would come to me in my dreams and give me messages and at that time I just seemed to be able to understand those messages that were passed along. So naturally even when I’m not trying to do medium reading, I will have dreams where people who have passed away will come through with messages for their loved ones. Or they are coming through because they are trying to crossover if they are stuck or confused. That’s just something that I was born with.” - Caitlin Marino

"I’ve always been a medium, I was born with it. I had my earliest experiences with people who had already passed away when I was quite young and it seemed quite normal for me at the time. When I was 5 or 6 years old, someone would come to me in my dreams and give me messages and at that time I just seemed to be able to understand those messages that were passed along. So naturally even when I’m not trying to do medium reading, I will have dreams where people who have passed away will come through with messages for their loved ones. Or they are coming through because they are trying to crossover if they are stuck or confused. That’s just something that I was born with.” - Caitlin Marino

Caitlin Marino is a certified Usui Tibetan Reiki Master, Magnified Healing Practitioner and Herbalist, specializing in flower essences and energetic anatomy.  With over 1500 hours worth of certifications in multiple energy healing modalities, she has 13 years of experience creating customized distant sessions for clients all over the world.

Caitlin, a born intuitive and medium, was first introduced to energy healing in 2005 when it saved her life. She is committed to raising awareness about the profound impact energy work can have on one’s health. She is passionate about helping others integrate healing techniques into their everyday lives in practical ways.


I studied for years with different teachers, and it made my own way. But one of my first teachers taught me how to use a dowsing rod to measure different anatomy in the field and I do that at the beginning of the sessions that I do for people. I’ll check in on different anatomy in their energy field and dowse percentages. It is similar to what percent of a hundred the system is functioning at overall, sensing how this person’s energy field looks overall then I’ll break it down. I’ll look at their physical, their emotional, their mental , their psychological, their spiritual various energetic parts. That will tell me if their presentation is truly physical or if it’s more of an emotional aspect. It helps me to read what’s actually going on to them because presentation can be tricky sometimes and a lot of people don’t have knowledge of their energy field.


There are too many different ways to be psychic like clairaudience, clairsentience which is psychic feeling, clairvoyance which is psychic sight. Clairaudience is hearing into what people are saying. Working distant is part of how I trained. My teacher was in California, and my apprenticeship program is based in Massachusetts so there are people all over the country who were my classmates. We had to practice on each other, I had sessions with my teacher and that’s over the phone. Because of energy there’s no difference. For me, in-person sessions are distracting. Distant sessions are just easier and better for me. I do in-person sessions when I travel but I’ll usually teach in class.


Karmic illness nearly killed me. It was life changing near death experience. It has this kind of quality, emotional implication. It is not an illness where your doctor would say "hey you have xyz, here's the treatment and you'll get better", it is a journey that you are going on whether you want it or not and this journey will change your life. It was rock bottom for me and it set me on a completely different path, it took me 1 and half year to get better and it was absolutely life changing, It's not necessarily bad and for me it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because now I have a great purpose, I have passion and I'm helping other people. I used it as much as I can to create positive experiences for others.


Everybody has different ways to use their intuitive, I used a combination of my training and my intuition and I've been doing this for 13 years so now it's pretty easy to get a grip on what's going for someone and I'll have them talk a little bit and explain why they scheduled the session and what they hoped to get from it. When people speak, I hear what the problem is and where we need to work in their energy field to release the lower vibration and help them raise their vibration.


We are made up of vibration, we are all vibrating on our own unique frequencies. Every part of our body has vibration, our heart has a vibration and frequency, your kidney, your knee and your body as a whole has vibration and we have an energy field and that has vibration. There are parts of our fields that has stuck energy, lower vibration that we consciously prior to incarnating inserted into our energy fields.

We are vibrating and as we vibrate the law of attraction, attracts experiences to you that will help you to learn what you have signed up for in this life and what you are hoping to learn. And when we do a session we take a look at what’s going on in your life, what is difficult and find the block or the pattern or the lower vibration or the stuck energy in your field that is preventing you from evolving and we remove it.

I use the techniques that I know and we remove the lower vibration energy which allows your vibration to raise up and it helps to begin attracting different and more positive experiences to you. So you are not learning the same lesson the whole time you are here. You are able to respond to new lessons and experience in different way.


Yes, every session is pretty incredible and it really never ceases to amaze me. There are really certain energies that can be impacting people for long periods of time, and what I do is help people to clear these energies they may not be fully aware of. Although sometimes it’s not simply the energy that is difficult to manage, but more the attachment to certain patterns that we have.

As humans we can get really attached to stuff, patterns and are hesitant sometimes to let them go. They sign up for the session but they may not actually want to get rid of the part that is not serving them. Every session is really cool and I’ve had some really interesting sessions like certain past life readings.


I do past life readings for people to help remove karma, and to pull lessons from that particular life time that they can help them in this lifetime. Some of the parallels between the lifetimes that I read and that person’s current lifetime is pretty crazy because you don’t know the person and their story, especially new clients yet the things that are discovered really blow me away. Sometimes they might start crying because they are having a really intense experience, but I don’t know it well until we begin the reading and they will then share with me how it is similar to their current lifetime or whatever they are experiencing now.


There’s a place in your field and you can access them. The client will start talking and I’ll start to see another lifetime of theirs will start to show up. When it happens we need to do past life reading or if it didn’t not happen I will send an intention that I am looking for the lifetime where parallel influence their field then I’ll be shown a picture and I will describe the picture to the client and then I’ll go into the picture. It’s like a movie unfolding before your eyes and I will describe what I am seeing, the scenario or what their life looked like in that lifetime, then I’ll identify imprints and lessons and we will then discuss the parallels between their lives now. We will eventually work it out. It isn’t necessarily present but you’ll be seeing the same karma in the person from lifetime to lifetime. So you are stuck and you really have to work it out there’s no other way. You can’t really cheat karma. Once you are chosen to reincarnate, you’ll enter into this cycle of karma. You have to work on it.


Say for example the classes I have taken in Buddhism, they talked about saving the life of the animal if you eat less meat. We are not saying not to eat meat, but to be more conscious about how much you are consuming and having the act of compassion and sending intention that can help shift the karma.


“Now I have a great purpose, I have passion and I'm helping other people.” - Caitlin Marino


Soul groups is where you move from lifetime to lifetime together. These are people who are working in the same way. You are doing similar work in the world. You feel like you belong with them, you feel comfortable with them, there’s some kind of familiar connection with them. There is a recognition between you and these people. Some of them can be your friends, you lived with some before and you reincarnate for a purpose together, either to fulfill a certain purpose together, or to help teach other a lesson.


I do change it up from day to day at this point but I always do morning consecration so every morning sometimes I meditate sometimes I don’t. if I don’t have time for meditation I’ll just do quick like 10 minute consecration. I’ll go for archangel and ask for help throughout the day, pray that may day-to-day be guided and inspired, and protected. I ask to reach my highest blueprint to help reaching my highest blueprint in this lifetime and help those I interact with to do the same. It created some miracles in my life. I try to workout everyday, I do different forms of exercise. I do Yoga, running. And every night before that I do protection practice to keep my field clear.


It's always interesting to me and a good reminder that we choose a particular life, we choose our plans and lessons that we want to learn. So when we are frustrated and angry or upset, it is a good reminder that you chose this and you chose it for a reason. So every lesson that you are learning, every difficulty can be used to help you evolve yourself.


Yes it can be, there are ways that we read energy. If you want to develop them and you want to use them, you can. We have skills, anyone who has lived before, you have a lifetime where you have experiences, honed skills, mastered things, so in this lifetime those things would be really interesting to you and you may find it is easier for you to excel at it. When it comes to you like a certain craft and you can't explain why like as if you studied them, though you haven't really had an exposure when you were young.


I think you can. I know people who teach lessons on opening and how that works. but in my case I experienced it when I was very young, I didn't have a lot of control when I was little and I could not access it when I was awake. I can only do it when I'm asleep, so then I had to learn how to open it.

There are really cool people who are teaching classes and books. You can develop that skill if you want to. Deganit Nurr, she has programs online and she's gifted and really cool. She teaches how to open up psychic senses.

During sessions with clients, I don’t actively invite them to join the session, sometimes they will just show up and I will see them clearly and they won't leave. Sometimes during the session it will be revealed that someone has lost a child and that person will show up that moment when their name was spoken.

It's not always, sometimes they talk about it and I don't see anything. It is always different, and whatever shows up and I used to try to ignore the things that came through if the person having the session wasn't asking during the session but that doesn't always work, as sometimes they won't leave until I convey the message.


A lot of times they are just waiting, they crossed over but they are coming through with message. Sometimes they would crossover but they are confused about what's going on. They are from everywhere. Few weeks ago, my cousin came over because she wasn’t feeling so well so I did a little work on her. There was a little girl who passed away who was coming through and she had a message for a woman and was describing what this woman looks like but it wasn't my cousin. This woman had brownish curly hair, I could see it pretty clearly and I don't know this little girl. I said I don’t know who this woman is and keeps saying I love you, I love you, I love you. So my cousin said, oh that's this little girl I know and that's her mother. So I said, okay let her mom know that she's saying I love you, so she said "okay I'll let her know".

A couple of weeks later, on mother's day, I went to see my cousin, she works in a salon and I have to pick something up from her and she wasn't expecting me. I walked in and she was working on a woman, she was doing her hair and I couldn't see the woman because she was behind the mirror. Then she showed me the woman, and it was the woman I saw in the reading. So I said "Oh my God" and my cousin said that it was the mother I saw when doing the reading. It was completely random which was really interesting. I was able to see the mom which never really happened as she was still alive.

There’s always more to discover and learn. The discomfort of my cousin may have been  related to that, sometimes we can start to get sick when other energy merges with our field and get attached for different reasons. Could be a message, or a warning. This can happen even if both are existing. You just have to understand what is happening and ensure that we always have the right intentions.


I will tell them to try to be open to try different things. My openness came as an act of desperation at that time. Be willing to ask for guidance and help, and things will show up for you. Our lives cannot be intervened unless we ask for it, so it's really important to ask and remember to stay open for the guidance that you receive.


Definitely The Field by Lynne McTaggart, it is a great book that includes a lot of information about the science behind how energy healing works. The other one I like to recommend is The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale it contains also information on energetic anatomy. I have so many that I could recommend, I like books that are practical and can help show others how to do things themselves, so the final one I'd like to recommend is one about how you can do your own Akashic record readings, and it’s by Linda Howe who is also quite well known called How to Read the Akashic Records. I think ultimately anything that empowers you to explore your field, and allows you to get in better touch with your energy and raise your awareness around what you actually are, because we are more than just our body, we all have this field of energy that moves from lifetime to lifetime so anything that helps us to explore that awareness is always great.

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Estrella Navarro - 26 time national champion Freediver who can hold her breath for over 6 minutes.

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Life starts with an inhalation and ends with an exhalation, the most important thing for life is breathing, and free-diving is learning how to control the most essential thing that connects and keep us alive.”

Here is an interview with a woman who is incredibly inspiring who not only dedicates her time to competing in what is currently considered the second most dangerous sport in the world, second only to sky-diving but who also is a strong advocate of ocean conservation and the founder of Big Blue free diving competition in her hometown La Paz, Mexico.

Estrella Navarro is the first Mexican woman to win a medal at the world championships of freediving, and today has broken the national free diving record 26 times. On top of being a competitive freediver Navarro was also 2008’s Miss Baja Sur, and also placed 6th for Miss Mexico in 2009.

Navarro has a current breath hold record over 6 minutes, and regularly dives to depths of more than 164 feet (50 metres).

Do you have any favorite places that you like to dive, or somewhere that you haven’t been yet but would love to visit?

I would love to visit Maldives where there are many mantas. To also freedive with crocodiles, there’s a great place in Mexico called Banco Chinchorro that I would love to go to.


“We can always be better. We can always be a seed that becomes a new tree.”

- Estrella Navarro

You broke the national free-diving record over 21 times and achieved success around the world twice, how do you constantly challenge yourself and what’s your motivation to continue going deeper with each dive.

One of the things is the concept of the human limits. All of us have limits in a certain way at a certain time. I like the concept of erasing those limits and rewriting them. Today I can go to a certain depth, but if I train I can go further and further. To me that is very exciting. Especially if you train well, and you continue going deeper then it becomes easier than the previous dive. It is a very nice and interesting thing about the mind and human capabilities. It has taught me beyond freediving that it can apply to so many things. We can always be better. We can always be a seed that becomes a new tree.

Your current breath hold record is over 6 minutes, did that take place in the Red sea off the coast of Egypt?

I did the 6 minutes some time ago before that. I usually don’t train static, focusing more on depth because to me that is exciting. I don’t practice it too much, but that day I couldn’t practice depth as there was too much current, so we decided to focus instead on breath-hold.


“I confuse my mind with the concept of time.”

- Estrella Navarro

tell me a bit more about your technique and what was going on through your mind during that breath hold.

Freediving is a very mental sport, and the static discipline, I can say probably almost purely mental. Of course there are techniques to train and many things you can do to improve. But there are different sensation and different things that happens and there are techniques to hold your breath longer.

One of the main things that consumes oxygen are the thoughts that we have. To say to someone don’t think about anything can be difficult for most of us. Through my training I have learned to control it better, but sometimes you have thoughts that still appear and sometimes these thoughts are around and around which happens in life, not just in freediving.

When you are holding your breath, one of the techniques is to keep your mind busy. The mind can’t be busy at two things at the same time. The techniques I use is to fool myself with the concept of time. Then actually what I do is to reproduce in my mind a song that I really like, that is very slow, but I reproduce it even much slower than in reality. I confuse my mind with the concept of time. That’s one of the things I do.

Another thing that I do is more of a trippy one. I like astronomy a lot. Like many kids, when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. I love also quantum mechanics, when I have free time, I love to read more into it. But I imagine myself when I’m holding my breath, times that my energy is close to a black hole then time that is happening there is different than the time that is happening in my body and that helps me to hold my breath for longer.

You mentioned that depth is a big part of something you tend to focus on. The deeper you go, the darker it becomes and you are completely alone. How do you deal with the fear aspect? Do you still feel fear after diving so many times?

Sometimes I feel fear. Sometimes when you dive, certain things make you remember those fears. When I was in Egypt last year, something happened to me that never happened before. I was at depth around 60 metres and I felt super dizzy. I felt fear because I was losing the sensation of where I was and to feel this dizziness made me really feel fear. I didn’t really hurt my ears, so we didn’t really know what had happened. A lot of research needs to be done with the physiology of freediving still. Sometimes things happen that reminds me of fear.

And also the mind is not the same one day and the other. When you are on the surface of the water sometimes you feel it’s a certain place of stability. If you are on the land you can place your feet on the ground, you are like on the safest place. You are safe on land. If you are under water, it is completely peaceful. This point of surface, where the air touches the water, this movement of the waves, I feel that touching can sometimes be very peaceful, sometimes it can be aggressive. So with this contact, I can sometimes feel the stress, because it’s not completely peaceful as underwater. When I’m on the surface, sometimes these thoughts that I mentioned before the mental control, sometimes these thoughts start to come naturally. You are going to depth, you are going to be alone, it’s going to be dark, it’s cold, all these things sometimes comes to your mind. Even if you are not looking for it. What I do is similar to what I was telling you before, to do substitution of the thoughts. So I say to myself, this place is going to be nice, you are going to relax more. I start to make my mind busy with positive thoughts and that help me to face the fear and once I’m underwater, all of that disappears and I feel the peace of being under water.


“freediving is to learn how to control what is the most essential thing that makes us alive which is breathing”

- Estrella Navarro

Freediving has really come to me as an increasingly spiritual sport. many sports are about speeding up but freediving is a lot more about slowing down.

Yes, completely. Freediving has completely changed my life. Big part of it in every sense. To start with, the most important thing for life is breathing. Our life begins with an inhalation, and ends with an exhalation. And what we do in freediving is to learn how to control that, to learn how to control what is the most essential thing that makes us alive. We can live for a long period of time without eating, we can live sometime without drinking water but cannot live too long without breathing.

My improvement for depth involves spiritual practice. Breathing and meditation became more profound and much easier when you are in aquatic environment. In freediving, water awakens your freediving reflex. Part of freediving reflex is to make every muscle of your body relax. When you have all your body relax it is easier to also relax your mind because it is connected. The consciousness of the breathing, because the middle point between the motions between mind and actions, everything for it to happen, there’s a specific kind of breathing.

If you learn that, which freediving has taught me because we do relaxation breathing to infuse the state of relaxation in the body and the mind. If you learn that every way of breathing has a specific reaction.

Did you go anywhere in particular to learn breath work? How do you generally learn and was there any place or way that you learned which you found very helpful.

I learned from different sources through observing and noticing. I also have plenty of teachers, I also interchange information with really great freedivers competing around the world. I have yoga teachers, really great ones. He also taught me some breathing techniques that really made me improve. I also combine breathing with the power of the mind in creating situations that is even deeper than just breathing. To create a new world and to make your life better.

Also another thing I learned from my dreams, I discover some things especially in the past life. Have you heard about Mudras, it is yoga with the hands. Yoga with the hand is like you put the hand in different positions that makes the energy flow in the certain way in your body that tells you different ways of putting yourself in balance. Sometimes we have this balance in the body. It’s very connected to Chinese medicine that use this specific point.

We have different nerves that if you touch it, you connect your fingers to certain way, you make the energy flow in a certain way. I noticed myself half asleep and I discover myself in weird positions, yoga positions not only my body but also my hands. “Why do I have my finger like that while I’m sleeping?”. When I was doing this position with my hands I was being healed by the night and in day I was fine. I repeated it on purpose and if I’m sick I’m going to put the position of my hands again. I was getting healed. Then I searched the internet and found Mudras which is like yoga with the hands and this is something that is known for centuries or more. When I was dreaming and sleeping I was making this positions with my hands and with my body.


“I also combine breathing with the power of the mind in creating situations that is even deeper than just breathing.”

- Estrella Navarro

Ocean conservation is an aspect that you promote through the freediving competition The Big Blue which you currently run. Did this passion for ocean conservation come as a result from your freediving experiences?

I am a marine biologist and I think it’s a combination between what I learned in school about the biology and animal behaviour. To learn about the species in a more profound way through studying and with freediving to know them more like a friendship connection. To be able to interact with the animals and have them as an inspiration every time I dice with them. I love their life and I want the planet to last longer. I think it’s very sad we may have a big probability in finishing our time in the planet. It is very sad that we are making all the planet suffer and all the animals. What we need to understand is that the planet has been here for 4600 million years and it will have another time similar to that. It has gone through five extinctions already, this is the sixth one. It takes for the planet 10 million years to recover, but for planet times that’s like a blink, it will recover, we will have new species but the thing is humans we will not make it. We are killing ourselves.

Becoming unconscious is a real part of freediving. Have you ever been unconscious or have you ever become close to being unconscious during one of your dives?

I have blacked out 5 times which really is not much  for professional freedivers. It is not dangerous if you awaken immediately. Your brain doesn’t suffer any damage, the neural central artery when you blackout, the brain protects itself to be oxygenated so your brain protects itself. There is some research from a scientist friend of mine where the brain of the freedive who has done it for many years, instead of being damaged, instead it has developed areas that you see similar to people who meditate a lot. It’s contrary to brain damage.

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lastly Do you have any books that you like to recommend to people whether or not it’s freediving related.

“The Madman” from Khalil Gibran, I think it’s a funny and true perspective, artistic and deep.

For Spanish speakers, I would recommend “Mexicanos por Naturaleza”it is a beautiful book about biodiversity in Mexico, combining biology, culture, food, regions, climate, history. It is written in a very rich and easy way to read. It is something to give joy to your soul combined with delicious knowledge.